Hydrocotyle tripartita Mini

Hydrocotyle sp. Japan

  • in pot
  • tissue culture

4-7 days*

6,53 € Tax included

Product Information

  • 2 - 5cm height
  • Temperature 16 - 28°C
  • Light requirements normal - high
  • pH 5.2 - 8

The Mini Japan Cloverleaf is a special form of the larger "three-part pennywort" and a real enrichment for any aquascape - the discovery of this small mini variant is a nice addition to the aquarium hobby as a whole.

Hydrocotyle tripartita Mini is particularly suitable for the foreground to middle ground. The fresh, light green leaf color and the carpet-like growth provide an attractive, lively accent.
Thanks to its easy care and fast growth rate, it is ideal for both beginners and experienced aquarists and can prevent algae through nutrient competition.

All of this makes the Mini Japanese Clover an excellent choice as a ground cover for any aquarium, but it also goes wonderfully with Wabi-Kusa, paludariums and terrariums.

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