Geo Rock

Geo Stone

  • 5-15cm
  • 15-20cm

1-2 days*

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5,71 € per Stück

Product Information

The Geo Rocks are more than just decorative elements in your aquarium - they come with a unique color and structure, characterized by deep grooves and sharp edges.

Centuries of weathering have shaped each stone into a unique and beautiful one-of-a-kind piece.
This makes this type of stone ideal for use in an aquascape and perfect for Iwagumi layouts and rocky mountain landscapes underwater.
Geo Rocks are rarely available stones and always very popular.

There are different types of stones for the impressive design of aquariums, each of which has unique properties. The Aquamoos Geo Rocks stand out in particular for their complex attention to detail and diverse coloring, which ranges from shimmering light gray and anthracite-colored grooves to brown and reddish tones.

Delivery per piece (as an example: an order quantity of 5 corresponds to 5 pieces of stones in approximately the specified size)

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