Island-Lava Premium

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This very light lava rock shows different colors from gray-brown to black and is specially sorted by us so that we can only offer you particularly beautiful pieces.

This island lava is ideal for quickly and easily decorating freshwater aquariums; you can use it to create very spectacular layouts.

The mostly rough and holey surface is littered with many bumps and sometimes even shiny flow structures. The volcanic rock is light in weight and its porous structure makes it ideal for planting with aquarium moss, Java fern, Anubias and Bucephalandra.

The rocky landscapes are not just used to decorate an aquarium; many aquarium inhabitants use the small caves and rocky outcrops as a welcome place to hide and spawn.

Lava rock does not harden the aquarium water. It is of purely natural origin and free from hardening agents.
Since these are natural products, there may be differences in shape and color compared to the images.

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