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Cryptocoryne usteriana


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Product Information

  • 25 - 70cm height
  • Temperature 20 - 29°C
  • Light requirements low - normal
  • pH 6 - 8

The very large water goblet species, which grows to a height of up to 70 cm, comes from the Philippine island of Guimaras and grows there predominantly submerged in slow-flowing rivers. This Cryptocoryne has been known as a robust, undemanding plant in the aquarium hobby for many years.

The name C. usteriana is still often used for the similar (even larger) Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia, which occurs in southeastern Luzon (i.e. further north). Josef Bogner showed in 1983 that there are actually two different species.

The real C. usteriana thrives best in hard water and is not eaten by fish, so it can be used well in Tanganyika and Lake Malawi cichlid tanks, where it also fits because of its size. pH values of permanently above 7.7 - 8 are tolerated without any problems.

This Cryptocoryne forms shorter and usually less studded leaf blades than C. aponogetifolia. With good light and sufficient fertilization, the leaves become dark green and bright red on the underside of the leaves. This allows you to clearly distinguish them from C. aponogetifolia (which always remains completely green).

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