Bacopa salzmannii 'Purple'


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Product Information

  • 10 - 25cm height
  • Temperature 19 - 30°C
  • Light requirements normal - high
  • pH 5.3 - 7.5

Salzmann's fat leaf has also been known in the spectacular "purple" color form for several years. This color variant came onto the market later than another, more green to reddish underwater form of Bacopa salzmannii, which was first called Bacopa sp. "Araguaia" was called (both color variants are available from us).

The submerged leaves of Bacopa salzmanniii "Purple" form striking dark red-purple tones. The midrib of the leaves and the lateral veins are often darker in tone, with the shoots growing upright and sparsely branched under water.
Despite the strong, beautiful coloring, it is not a particularly difficult plant, but we recommend medium to strong lighting and a complete supply of macro and micronutrients, as well as a nutrient-rich substrate such as Ebi Gold Waterplant Soil.

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