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Hydrocleys nymphoides

water poppy


4-7 days*

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Product Information

  • Temperature 12 - 29°C
  • Light requirements normal - high
  • pH 5.5 -7.7

The water lily-like water poppy (Hydrocleys nymphoides) comes from Central and South America and grows to a height of around 35-100cm and the flowing leaves are as long as a floating plant.
It copes well with a wide temperature range and can even be used in the garden pond in summer, where you can often admire the beautiful yellow flowers.

The plant is quite easy to care for and has firm, dark green floating leaves on long, attractive stems. Visually it is reminiscent of plants similar to water lilies, although Hydrocleys nymphoides is not related to them.

In the aquarium, Hydrocleys nymphoides is also suitable for planting as an eye-catcher in the middle or in a natural biotope aquarium lots of root wood, leaves and coarser gravel, where this special plant is best planted in loose spacing.

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