Hyptis laciniata


4-7 days*

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Product Information

  • 6 - 15cm height
  • Temperature 19-29°C
  • Light requirements normal - high
  • pH 6 - 7.8

Hyptis laciniata was recently introduced as an aquarium plant from South America/Colombia. It is an attractive rarity for every plant lover!

It has a completely different appearance to Hyptis lorentziana and has coarsely pinnate, light green leaves that turn a beautiful light purple at the tips. Some of the feathery, low-lying leaves also look almost white and, with a correspondingly good supply of micro and macro nutrients as well as CO2 fertilization, they can also turn completely purple to a strong pink-pink.

Like most stem plants, purple bush mint can be propagated from top cuttings. This plant looks very beautiful in the foreground if you let it grow in small bushes, where it sometimes spreads flat along the ground.

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